EzPSA Beginnings

Greg has been a successful software architect and systems engineer for many years, running a thriving IT business to clients from across New Zealand and Australia. The company grew and took on more employees, clients and contracts and reached a point where the admin effort required seemed out of proportion with the time spent earning income. Realising that this was reducing business revenues by eating up the time of project workers and himself, he sought a solution.

After trying many products, none of which offered a solution, Greg decided that with his expertise and readily available team of IT talent that a solution could be found in-house. This solution would offer all the necessary functionality to prevent the time and money drain that the current administrative arrangements were causing.

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Greg Nixon, Managing Director

As our Managing Director, Greg is our driving force. Greg has taken an idea and created it into the successful business that EzPSA is today. He believes in keeping his employees up-to-date with the latest technologies and making sure that our clients get the benefits of this. He is experienced in all facets of software design, implementation, project management, and business operations. Greg demonstrates great leadership, commitment and passion for the product and the service our clients receive.

Michelle Crompton, Director

As a director in our company Michelle contributes to all business functions. Together with Greg, Michelle directs all investment, marketing and business activities of the company. Michelle's experience in setting business strategy, developing and documenting best practice systems and processes, quality assurance, and technical writing helps to create our quality product and ensure our clients get the quality services we promise.


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