If you use Shadow Protect to backup your servers and want a convient tool for copying the latest image (including incrementals) to removable storage like a RDX or USB disk drive EzPSA backup is a handy the tool for you to use. Easier than xcopy to setup with email alerts that allow you to know what is going on without having to log into the computer. Works best with Shadow Protects default of one full backup per week and hourly incrementals. You might have looked at off site options but our experience has been to use file level backup for offsite as even incrementals forever is a huge amount of data. EzPSA Backup is designed to be set and forget software which is 100% free for you to use as is where is.

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Ensure you have the latest SP backup on disk…

The first one you set up will take you maybe 15 minutes but for every additional site you should be able to set up in like five minutes. See the manual that comes with it for info on the setup. There are plans for an option of automated ticket generation for EzPSA users when an error occurs.

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